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Get out of your Swim Lane! – Blue Bridge

Get out of your Swim Lane!

By February 17, 2020 No Comments

As a born salesperson, who has always loved hunting and closing “deals,” I have also been challenged to evolve into a businessperson!  In my 20’s, I was great at selling- the stakes were low, the money was great, and I had 0 responsibilities.  As a result, I sold but it was really a function of a great market.  In my 30’s, markets crashed, our country was “at war,” corporate scandals plagued the nation, employee trust was low and all of a sudden, I was an “average” sales guy!  In my 40’s, the economy is booming and “sales is king” again!  Or is it?

Warning to all salespeople who love hunting—EVOLVE or DIE!

LinkedIn, Salesforce, Outreach are excellent tools. But they don’t build relationships. 


Nothing beats a warm handshake, talking to customers about their challenges, understanding their business.  You can’t add value through “tools.”


Great sales leaders collaborate with internal product development teams and back office.  These are amazing professionals who can solve your customers’ challenges.

Stakes are highER!

You and your competitors say the same thing—plenty of spin selling going on out there!  How are you different?  No, I mean do you believe in what you are selling, are you aligned with your customer needs?

Change is intentional!

Over the last 10 years, I knew I had to change, but never really committed to change I wanted.  I had everything going for me.  Great family, great colleagues, great job, great health & great living. But deep down, it’s not what I wanted.  I was unhappy with ‘me.’  So, I embarked on my personal journey of change.  Change must be intentional.  I realized to be happy & satisfied, I had to Change, and that change had to be Intentional.