Selling? Hiring? Improving? …It’s Friday, lets reflect on your purpose!

Have you ever had your best day?  Ever wonder why that was your best day?  What inspired you to have your best day?  How do you help others to live their best life?

This morning, I had my best day ever running.  I ran like Forrest Gump…Run Forrest run, yes that guy.   Through the run, I thought about my parents’ impact on people & what they continue to teach me:

Aspire; To be great, you always must want to be better and improve yourself.  Do the mirror exercise!

Inspire;  If you have been lucky enough to achieve some success, what are you doing to help others be the best version of themselves?

Compassion:  Can you put yourself in others shoes?  Can you understand their challenges?  Have you taken on others’ challenges as your challenges?

Altruistic:  My parents helped others never asking for anything in return.  Why do we need something in return to do the right thing?

Hope:  Both my parents grew up in India.  They hoped for the best in the darkest moments and hoped with others in their darkest days!

Never stop working; A relentless work ethic is the ultimate definition for my father.  He made things possible when they seemed out of reach.  How hard do we work to build our skills and coach others?

Kindness:  Ma was the kindest soul.  I watched her help the poorest of poor, children, adults, parents, in-laws, friends & strangers.  Most of all she helped me.  Without her I would never aspire or hope!

Parents are our greatest heroes.  I still miss my 7 am calls with mom and still speak with dad daily.  Parents give us hope and living a life filled with hope while helping others live their best lives is my greatest purpose

Call your parents and go have your best day ever!