About Blue Bridge

We improve sales performance and operational excellence.


Blue Bridge brings 25+ years of global experience in building high performance & diverse teams in the US and Asia. Since 1990, the founders have been facilitating communication between teams and driving performance through the 1% rule.


About Mani

Mani, the founder of Blue Bridge, brings a 20-year global track record of leading high-performance teams through extensive enterprise collaboration..


Specifically, Mani has global experience in adding value to talent acquisition & business development in professional services & product companies.   He has built IT and Engineering services businesses in diverse geographies and cultures across United States & APAC while being part of strategic leadership teams.

As a results oriented and “roll up your sleeves” executive, Mani has a thorough knowledge of business process, technology, productivity and compensation improvement opportunities.  Mani is interested in helping growth-oriented companies that are looking to optimize their need for speed, value addition to the market place & leadership development.

Execution Over Strategy

We believe that sales is a contact sport that requires implementation of tactics that help you grow and scale quickly. We leverage the power of the 1% rule with the goal of optimizing your sales.

Whether it’s evaluating and testing your pre-call tactics, hitting the phones with your salespeople, or helping you understand your customers better… Blue Bridge is your trusted sales and operations partner.

Expert Strategic Advice & Vision

You get over 75 years of International and US-based experience.  We have a thorough understanding of executing sales and business strategies to enhance your company’s value. Let us help you accelerate your growth.

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